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Persone come noi, associazione umanitaria onlus di Busca, aiuta i bambini e le persone in difficoltà. Dona ora.
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Lettere Dai Volontari Persone Come Noi

Training, food security, technical assistance, supplies, water supply, education, training in the use of water


Our activities are aimed at financially supporting families, particularly those suffering from poverty and with children attending school, through the construction of water tanks for domestic use, in accordance with the DNOCS, and promoting and increasing goat breeding and honey production for family consumption through COAPIS, a locally based cooperative. We support the processing of the honey produced by the members of the cooperative, so that they can increase their access to the market and supplement their own income and that of poor farmers, while contributing to the improvement of their food security.


Our objective is also to improve the living conditions of children in the area, through the implementation of measures for their protection, education and nutrition, and to support and involve families in initiatives for the protection of health and hygiene, water quality and access to income, by generating employment to provide them with self-sufficiency through a inclusive strategy targeted at ensuring an overall growth in the local area, with the participation of all groups that are active there.


Thanks to the “eight-per-thousand” co-financing from the Waldensian Church (Union of Methodist and Waldensian churches), a project entitled “Support to family farming and vocational training for young farmers of Bahia: from greater availability of water to crop diversification for domestic food security” has been implemented since 2012, with the aim of increasing the economic sustainability of the EFA, the only agricultural training school in Territory no. 17. The project has also provided the young guests with knowledge of livestock breeding techniques (goats and poultry) that can be replicated in their families of origin.


In continuation with these projects, and with co-funding from “eight-per-thousand” of the Waldensian Church, a project has been implemented since 2013 entitled “Reforesting the Sertão: an example of ecological protection and environmental recovery aimed improving the crop production of marginal rural households in the dry area of the Brazilian state of Bahia”. The objective was to increase theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of animal husbandry and agro-ecological techniques suited to semiarid zones, as well as the productive potential of marginal young farmers


This was done through the creation of a strategic reserve with native plants and others suitable for introduction to the region, in order to ensure animal and human nutrition and also preserve and recover soil fertility, to establish an experience that can be reproduced in the areas where young people attending the Family Agriculture School (EFA) live. Efforts have been made to support practical land management activities with the types of plants proposed, motivating the young people and their families to disseminate them in their communities, as a factor of vital importance in coexistence with a semiarid environment.

Territory no. 17, Bahia State


AECFARCIDA – EFA (Escola Família Agricola), ARCAS (Associaçao Regional de Convivencia Apropriada à Seca), COAPIS (Cooperativa de los Apicultores del Sertão), NASP (Núcleo de Assistência Social Paroquial), Prefeitura Municipal de Cicero Dantas, Prefeitura Municipal de Novo Triunfo, Prefeitura Municipal de Ribeira do Pombal.


Persone Come Noi ONG, The Waldensian Church (Union of Methodist and Waldensian churches), the European CommissionPresidency of the Council of Ministers, the Region of Piedmont, the Municipality of Dronero, the City of Turin, the Municipality of Beinasco and the Province of Cuneo.


C/c Bancario IT 13 B 0843946050000050101336

C/c Postale 30088132

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