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With the contribution of the Fondation Assistance Internationale, an action aimed at increasing the resilience capacity of indigenous peoples to reduce their vulnerability is currently being implemented, through the involvement of communities, decentralized local authorities and national and departmental entities with specific sectoral expertise, in relation to the deficits found in terms of food security, access to water and in particular to problems related to the nutritional deficits of children under 5 years. In particular, work is being carried out in favor of the 12 rural communities of the Municipality of Umala most severely affected and which have suffered the greatest production losses in the last three years, benefiting over 200 families through the construction of 170 water collection and conservation works, on the one hand, to put them in the condition of realizing agricultural production and breeding, guaranteeing the food security of their families and, on the other hand, of having a low-cost, risk-reducing intervention method that can be managed locally and can therefore be replicated starting from from local competences and resources that can be activated at municipal level.

Thanks to the co-financing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, PCN is carrying out a project to preserve the life of the comuneros and the family agricultural production, the basis and guarantee of community life, in the community of Huayhuasi of the Municipality of Mecapaca, Murillo Province of the Department of La Paz, and of the communities located downstream of the same, through the construction and strengthening of defensive structures along the Rio La Paz, making use of traditional and modern techniques that are understandable, achievable, maintainable and reproducible, to overcome the simple post-flood emergency, introducing the concept on the field and the practice of interventions and behaviors for the prevention and reduction of damage and recovering, in an extraordinary way, the cultivable surfaces and putting them back into production.

PCN following the continuing drought that has seriously damaged the resilience capacity of the Aymara populations of the Bolivian plateau, thanks to the co-financing of the Waldensian Church (Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches), and following a multi-year presence in the area also through previous co-financing of the same donor , with the involvement of the Dirección de Desarrollo Agropecuario Gestión de Riesgos y Medio Ambiente and the Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Umala GAMU and of the comuneros, is carrying out in the Umala Municipality, different conservation and water collection works able to make this resource available both for human and agricultural use in sufficient quantity to guarantee the safety of families. In particular, works are being carried out related to the collection of spring waters, water tanks, wells equipped with manual pumps and collection tanks and systems for recovering water from the roofs. The project also intends to systematize the experience in order to have a low-cost intervention methodology capable of supporting the resilience of rural highland families, in the context of the ongoing climate change, adapted to the context, replicable and easily executable for technical simplicity and reduced costs.

Thanks to the co-financing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation PCN has realized the project "Construction of family greenhouses to improve food security through the consumption of greens and vegetables and marketing of the surplus in Aroma Province, Bolivia" with the overall objective to contribute sustainably to the reduction of food insecurity and the vulnerability of indigenous families of the Aymara ethnic group on the Bolivian plateau, while enhancing family farming and the role of women. The specific objective is to increase the availability of food, particularly vegetables for consumption and marketing, through the construction of family greenhouses, as a tool for increasing the food security of families in 15 rural indigenous communities in the municipalities of Umala and Patacamaya in the Province of Aroma, La Paz Department, in Bolivia, by identifying and establishing a sustainable and reproducible system.

Thanks to the co-financing of the CEI - Committee for charitable interventions in favor of the Third World PCN has realized the project  "Promoting access to protection and a dignified life for girls and adolescents who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation in the cities of La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia" in particular through assistance and training, the mechanisms of protection and prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of girls and adolescents between 10 and 18 years, with the aim of guaranteeing their rights on the basis of a networked work with public, private institutions and with the community, in order to obtain that society and state sensitize themselves to respond effectively to questions for the protection of children and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation.

It is therefore proposed to promote the networking of institutions and organizations, including associations of children, girls and adolescents to promote processes of access to a dignified life and full exercise of rights by victims of commercial sexual exploitation through prevention , personalized attention, support for family and school reintegration as well as professional training and support for job placement.


On the Andean Plateau, in the municipalities of Patacamaya and Umala, it has been operating to support food safety through the construction of greenhouses and community wells to combat insufficient and poor nutrition, particularly among children of school age, with contributions from Cooperazione Decentrata Piemontese (the Piedmont Regional Authority and municipalities). More than 20 large greenhouses have been constructed from adobe and polycarbonate in as many primary schools, in order to produce vegetables that are not otherwise available to supplement the diets of the children, to inform and train mothers and fathers on the use of vegetables and to propose production models that can be replicated by the families.


Recently, in collaboration with the municipalities and the CNAPE, Consejo Nacional Agropecuario de Producción Ecológica, which comes under the Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras, possibilities are being explored of promoting the large-scale construction of family greenhouses, by providing the necessary technical assistance for both production and partial marketing, in a framework of sustainable and organic agriculture. 


Thanks to the Waldensian Church (Union of Methodist and Waldensian churches), a water system has been constructed for the community of Salviani (Ayo Ayo), to irrigate and reclaim areas of community land not previously capable of continuous production. The project will continue throughout 2015 to provide irrigation for all the community plots.

Thanks to a contribution from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, PCN has been operating in Loayza Province to support the food security of the rural population of various communities, through the construction of water systems and training for farmers to manage them, as well as the provision of technical assistance to improve agricultural production and marketing.


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Municipality of Mecapaca (Murillo Province), Municipalities of Patacamaya, Umala and Ayo Ayo (Aroma Province), Municipality of Luribay (Loayza Province), Department of La Paz.


CEDIA NGO (Centro Educativo y Desarrollo Integral del Altipiano), Municipality of Mecapaca, Municipality of Patacamaya, Municipality of Umala, Municipality of Ayo Ayo, Fundación Munasim Kullakita (FMK), Human Mobility Ministry (PMH) of the Bolivian Catholic Episcopal Conference.


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