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We currently operate in 10 countries around the world and in Italy.


To be most effective against poverty we base our actions on the respect for human rights and on the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.


We develop projects that allow immediate improvements and long-term benefit of children and people, victims of poverty, hunger, marginalization and exploitation.


We operate and develop programs of emergency and post emergency in areas affected by natural disasters, conflict, drought and extreme poverty enhancing our stay in subsequent years against the phenomenon of forgotten crises.


The sectors in which Persone Come Noi is specialized: the fight against poverty, education, health, water, food and nutrition, disability, social welfare, the fight against the exploitation of child labor, the protection of children, family reunification, the growth of household income, microcredit, the enterprise incubator, emergency and post-emergency.


We support the activities of public awareness on the issues of discomforts, rights of children in developing countries and human rights. We organize programs and fund-raising campaigns to support our projects. We carry out information and training on the issues and problems of children in developing countries, human rights, the Millennium Goals and the global community.


We work to contribute to a concrete change that would result in that every human being is out of extreme poverty, hunger, exploitation, disease, illiteracy and lack of basic rights; we work for the transparency of our actions, for a more equitable global governance, for a world that values diversity and dissent, for the respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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