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Persone come noi, associazione umanitaria onlus di Busca, aiuta i bambini e le persone in difficoltà. Dona ora.
Dona il tuo 5x1000 all'associazione umanitaria onlus Persone Come Noi di Busca.
Aiuta Persone Come Noi PCN Onlus di Busca. Dona Ora!

We conduct information and training activities on the topics and issues concerning children in developing countries, human rights, the Millennium Development Goals and a global outlook that is more agreeable to each human being.


Persone Come Noi chooses to operate in terms of "System Italy", establishing discussion groups, analysis and continuous coordination to capitalise on and strengthen our country's capacity to support sustainable projects in the country of intervention.


We support public awareness activities on issues of inequality and integration, and organise programmes and fundraising campaigns to support our projects. 


We conduct information and training activities in schools, as well as development education on contemporary topics and issues, particularly those concerning children in developing countries.


Structural factors, such as poverty, malnutrition, inequality and disease underlie the obstacles that prevent most children from having a normal development.


Persone Come Noi works to bring together as many people as possible who wish to contribute to eliminating these factors, for a more just global governance, a world that values ​​diversity and dissent, and respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Phone: +39.0171.936146.

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